7 Best Goggles for Burning Man Use- Enjoy Your Festival

CRG Sports Vintage Aviator Pilot Style Motorcycle Cruiser Scooter Goggles

The CRG Sports Vintage Aviator Style Motorcycle Goggles sports multicolored polycarbonate scratchproof lens that offers full UV protection along with a robust frame made from export-quality ABS.

These stylish goggles resemble the aviator styled sunglasses that you have been always fond of. In addition, the finish quality makes it appear premium. You will feel comfortable when wearing thee glasses for hours as it comes with a black padding that keeps the eye area cushioned. The company has integrated an ergonomic design that makes it fit to different face shapes and sizes.

Key Features

  • CE certified aviator style vintage scooter goggles
  • Multicolored reflective graze-resistant lens
  • Reflective lens furnish 100% protection from the damaging UV rays of the sun
  • Goggles frame crafted from premium quality ABS
  • Black padding keeps the area around your eyes cushioned 


  • Brand new goggles shipped and delivered in unique and exclusive CRG packaging cartons
  • The black framework of glasses shaped out of imported ABS is incredibly durable and resilient
  • The frame is lined with a thick sponge padding that keeps your eyes comfy and snug
  • The ergonomic design of the goggles ensures that they fit on faces of varying sizes and shapes
  • The multicolored reflective lens is resistant to scratches and grazes as well as protects eyes from harmful UV rays


  • Susceptible to fogging up pretty quickly


Kaleidoscopic Rave Rainbow Crystal Lenses Steampunk Goggles

The Kaleidoscope Rave Rainbow Steampunk Goggles features a rainbow crystal glass lens and a chrome framework making the safety glasses ideal for putting on during firework shows and laboratory classes.

For a start, these kaleidoscope rave rainbow crystal lenses steampunk goggles have been handcrafted with meticulous care typified by the elaborate design. Every frame is polished and smoothened manually and after that paired off with conscientiously selected glass crystals. The glass crystals itself are crafted from the best grades of optical glass for facilitating optimum visible light transmission (VLT).

The prismatic style optics of the versatile crystal lens of these kaleidoscopic goggles enlarge a single image or representation into numerous illustrations. These Lelinta Rainbow kaleidoscopic goggles help promote unlimited visual sensations, transforming your dull surroundings into vibrant, colorful ones. You can detach and remove the lenses and replace them with the lens of different colors.

On the other hand, the adjustable head strap has been designed ingeniously so that the goggles fit on different sizes of the face.   

Key Features

  • Detachable lenses
  • The adjustable elastic head strap
  • Chrome colored framework matches the rainbow crystal lenses
  • Ideal for orbit light shows, LED gloving, playa festivals, and much more
  • Stunning kaleidoscopic effect for infinite visual sensations


  • You can remove the lenses and choose from options for a customized look
  • The ergonomically designed head strap allows fitting of goggles on different face sizes
  • Kaleidoscope goggles transform dull surroundings into vibrant ones
  • The polished frame matches immaculately with painstakingly selected crystal glass lenses


  • Will not help with visibility during a sandstorm


Evomosa Motorcycle Goggles Outdoor Sand Goggles

This Evomosa goggles pair is a lightweight vintage style motorcycle goggles made from premium quality materials that fit comfortably around your eyes.

The Motorcycle Goggles/Outdoor Sand Goggles/Cruiser Scooter Goggles/Bike Racer Cruiser Touring Eyewear is an extremely lightweight sunglass pair fitting comfortably on your face. The ergonomically designed goggles ensure that the glasses do not pressurize your nose.

You’ll feel comfortable putting on this durable motorcycle goggles from Evomosa featuring elastic head strap and smooth sponge frame. The lenses of this sunglass pair have been crafted from polycarbonate material that is fully dustproof and waterproof. 

 Key Features

  • Ideal for wearing during mountaineering, motorcycling, skiing, snowboarding, and ATV/UTV racing
  • Goggles frame made from imported ABS is incredibly sturdy
  • Robust eyeglasses lens’ crafted from polycarbonate material


  • Perfect for putting on during ATV/UTV running competitions, skiing, snowboarding, camping, and motorcycling
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Made from top-quality materials
  • Offers crystal clear views


  • Lens material is extraordinarily flimsy and soft


GloFX LED Pixel Pro Goggles

GloFX touts the LED Pixel Pro Goggles as the most state-of-the-art eyeglasses in the world. This goggles pair comes with a remote, inbuilt USB rechargeable battery, and onboard memory.

GloFX advertizes the LED Pixel Pro Goggles as the world’s most sophisticated glasses buttressing its claim with good reasons. These LED Pixel Pro Goggles lets you produce a list of your choice color modes with the help of the remote, rechargeable USB battery pack, and built-in memory function. With more than 350 stylish and customizable options together with a full-color spectrum, you’re spoilt for choice.    

Key Features

  • Full-color range
  • User-friendly
  • Small and compact remote control
  • 14 levels of brightness to choose from
  • 32 super-bright LEDs


  • Smooth and glossy black frame with tinted lenses
  • More than 350 distinct styles available
  • Embedded USB rechargeable battery pack
  • 32 ultra-bright LEDs
  • Create your customized playlist with your chosen settings, thanks to Pixel Pro


  • The LEDs may stop functioning after some time


Goggles for Burning Man

GloFX Imagine Kaleidoscope Glasses

The GloFX Imagine Kaleidoscope Glasses are retro-styled sunglasses featuring a lightweight flat back profile with original crystal glass lenses and sleek silver metal frame.

Put on these Imagine Kaleidoscope Glasses from GloFX, and you’ll be transported back to the idealistic 60s when the counterculture hippie movement was in its heyday. The lenses encased in a lustrous and robust metallic frame are super slim thanks to their flat back profile and furnish extra comfort without compromising on kaleidoscopic effect. These Imagine Kaleidoscope Sunglasses have a lightweight design and distinctive smooth ends, enabling you to wear them for hours on end.  

Key Features

  • Kaleidoscope glasses comes in a GloFX carrying case and includes a microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Hippie-style trendy sunglasses
  • Metallic frame with steel hinges
  • Lightweight flat back design
  • Soft plastic ends
  • Lens made from high-quality crystal glass


  • Metal frame with steel hinges protects goggles from accidental falls
  • The lenses offer you a kaleidoscopic vision of your surroundings
  • Soft plastic ends furnish additional comfort
  • Included carrying case and microfiber cloth helps maintain the glasses


  • Many customers have reported that the lenses did not fit properly


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