7 Best Bushcraft Pants Reviews & Buying Guides

Are you an outdoor person who likes to have an adrenaline rush by jumping off a cliff, scuba diving, or trying to survive in the wilderness? Of all the essential supplies you'll need for safeguarding yourself from the elements while hiking, trekking or camping in the wilderness is a pair of premium bushcraft pants. The best bushcraft pants not only furnish adequate protection from inclement weather and harsh environments but also help perform activities comfortably.

Attempting to scale a precipitous mountain, gathering firewood for lighting a campfire or cooking food is challenging and taxing. However, these challenging and intimidating outdoor activities could become all the more demanding if you're not wearing the right pants for bushcraft. The best cold-weather outdoor bushcraft pants  would mean the difference between having a whale of time outdoors and continually struggling in the boondocks.

It would help if you took your time in selecting the perfect pair of bushcraft pants rather than hurrying through the entire process. Above all, the best pants for bushcraft  protect you from heat, cold, rain, storms, and other elements when you're outside. In this bushcraft pants review, we walk you through the top 7 pairs of bushcraft pants together with a buying guide.

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Top 7 picks of the best bushcraft pants

Selecting the best pants, especially when you have numerous options in the market, can be a tough ask. To simplify your search, we have reviewed some of the best options below.

ZOOMHILL Men's Pro Hiking Stretch Pants Cargo Trouser Water

The ZOOMHILL Men's Pro Hiking Stretch Pants Cargo Trouser is a pair of high-quality bushcraft pants stitched out of robust TC shell fabrics. This is the best bushcraft pants you can go for as it is thoroughly water-resistant, has ventilation zippers, and comes with adjustable bottom and waist flaps for effortless size adjustment.

ZOOMHILL has earned and cemented its reputation for consistently offering top- quality outdoor products that are remarkably affordable as well. The Men's Pro Hiking Stretch Pants Cargo Trousers perfectly embodies the high level of craftsmanship that Zoomhill has achieved over the years. The manufacturer has designed and created the product, keeping in mind the convenience of those who'll extensively use the same.

This pair of bushcraft trousers have been sewn up from premium quality and hardy TC shell fabric, thereby making it apt for outdoor use. You can wear it before embarking for a wide range of outdoor activities including but not limited to hiking, mountaineering, and camping. The sturdy and thick TC shell material have been stitched very closely and firmly, which makes the trousers extremely water-resistant.

YKK zippers on the sides of the slacks help in promoting ventilation, which eventually lets your legs breathe with ease. The stretchable and flexible nylon fabric patches on the knees and hips boost comfort as well as durability. You can make this bushcraft trouser fit on you without any difficulty, thanks to the adaptable buttons at the bottom and waist.  

Key features

Scandinavian design to easily fit different leg sizes

YKK zipper closures

Stitched from exclusive TC shell fabric

Ventilation YKK zipper on the leg side

Broad leg pockets with YKK zippers

Adjustable waist tabs with Velcro closure


  • Imported product ideal for a host of outdoor activities like fishing, backpacking, hiking, and mountaineering
  • Good quality pair of bushcraft pants perfect for gifting to near and dear ones
  • Stretchable bottom and waistbands for effortless adjustment of the size
  • The durable quality of fabrics makes the trousers very water-resistant
  • Segmented knee section for enabling unrestricted and comfortable movement


  • Could shrink somewhat after repeated washings
  • Having hip pockets would have helped matters


Outdoor Research Men's Ferrosi Pants -32"

The Men's Ferrosi Pants 32" from Outdoor Research stitched from soft-shell stretchable fabric makes this bushcraft pant pair perfect for outdoor activities year-round. Tempered with UPF 50+ material, this formidable bushcraft trouser pair is supremely breathable, lightweight, quick-drying, and water-resistant.     

If you're looking for a pair of all-weather heavy-duty bushcraft pants, then you don't need to look any further. These Outdoor Research Men's Ferrosi Pants have been crafted from the best quality of UPF 50+ fabric that makes it water and UV-resistant. The Ferrosi Pants also tend to be remarkably lightweight and breathable and dries up quickly owing to the inherent properties of the fabric.

These trousers have cuff closures with drawstrings that help in preventing the accumulation of debris, mud, and dirt. Functional features like hinged knees, gusseted crotch, and stretchable fabrics help boost up comfortableness and athletic mobility. Pockets on the front, side, and back come in perfectly handy for safely storing numerous outdoor essentials and supplies.

These soft-shell elastic and supple pants have been stitched from 90D stretch woven ripstop fabric, 14% Spandex, and 86% nylon. No wonder these bushcraft chinos can tolerate any trail and would be fit for putting on for years to come. The Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pants are a quality bushcraft pant as well as good for hunting, angling, mountaineering, or trailblazing.

Key Features

Import quality bushcraft pants

Comfortable and lightweight

Supremely breathable

Water-resistant, dust, and debris-resistant

Highly durable: Sewn from UPF 50+ ripstop material



Durable and resilient trousers made from a blend of nylon, Spandex, and 90D stretchable wicker ripstop

Waistband has a tricot-lined finishing for additional comfort

Button closure comes with a metal shank for firm fitment

Segmented knees, gusseted crotch, and stretchy fabric material for ease of movement


It could take a while for getting used to the trousers lying a tad low on the hips

Elastic cinch on the legs may not stay put

A tad pricey


Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Convertible Pants

Stitched from a judicious blend of polyester mesh and recyclable polyester, the Men's Silver Ridge Convertible Pants is lightweight, breathable, and rigid. The Skin Cancer Foundations have specially recommended this trouser pair, thanks to its utilization of UV-absorbent threads.

Protecting yourself from harmful UV rays is extremely crucial during any outdoor adventure that you undertake, including camping and trekking. And this is precisely where the Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Convertible Pants comes to your aid. Getting inside these Silver Ridge bushcraft pants is like adding an extra layer of UV protection, apart from the sunscreen.

Shaped out of a brilliant combination of premium grade nylon and Columbia's proprietary ripstop fabric, these pants are ideal for any outdoor activity. These Silver Ridge Convertible Pants by Columbia are very sought-after by mountaineers, campers, and hikers owing to their incredible durability. The inside layer of the trousers comprises woven ripstop fabric that keeps the pants breathable and resistant to sweat.  

On the other hand, the outer layer is made up of UPF50+ fabric material to block out UVA and UVB sunlight completely. A single zipper enables you to transform this bushcraft trouser pair to shorts while the eye closure and the gusseted crotch facilitate the customized fit. You can choose these Men's Silver Ridge Convertible Pants by Columbia from a range of sizes and colors.     

Key Features

Imported and 100% nylon

Reinforced with UPF 50 fabric

Machine washable

Dense weave construction with UV-absorbent yarns

Ergonomic design for a classic fit


Convertible bushcraft pants with adjustable features like zip-off legs and gusseted crotch for comfortableness

Practical features like security pocket with zippered closure and meshed pocket bags

UPF 50+ fabric for shielding against detrimental UVA and UVB rays

Wicking breathable fabric for soaking up moisture to keep the wearer dry and cool


Available sizes may not be compatible with various body profiles

Material is not as stretchable as you'd like it to be


Men's Vidda Pro Trousers Regular from Fjallraven

Crafted out of G-1000 fabric, and molded with a portion of wax, the Men's Vidda Pro Trousers from Fjallraven are appropriate for bushcraft. This is the best cold-weather outdoor bushcraft pants you can buy not only for surviving in the wild but thriving as well.

Perfect for bushcraft, these Fjallraven Vidda Pro Trousers have been created out of a blend of 35% cotton and 65% polyester, making them incredibly hardwearing. The blended yarns have been laced and cast with wax to make the pair of trousers water-resistant. This chino pair comes equipped with two big and deep pockets on the front where you can store several outdoor supplies.

At the same time, you can plunge your hands inside the pockets for keeping them warm during winter or chilly weather. 

Key Features

Made from heavy-duty G-1000 fabric

Sewn from a blend of cotton and polyester

Comes equipped with multiple pockets

Bottom leg adjustment


Kneepad-compatible pockets

Inner phone pocket, multi-tool pocket, map pocket, and hand pockets

Can be adjusted up to mid-waist

Imported product stitched from a mix of 65% polyester and 35% cotton


Bags do not meshed lining for allowing moisture to escape

May not perfectly fit one and all

Not resistant to fires


TRU-SPEC Men's 24 -7 Tactical Pants

The TRU-SPEC Men's 24-7 Tactical Pants crafted from 6.5 oz polyester/cotton blend tend are well-ventilated and lightweight. These lightweight, hardwearing trousers are perfectly suitable for men who live and work in tropical climes.

These lighter cotton/polyester ripstop fabric slacks, very much like the unique 24-7 cotton pants of Tru-Spec, have been designed with meticulous care. You bet you'll feel very comfortable inside these trousers as they fit seamlessly, and at the same time, you'll be amazed by their versatility. Additionally, they come with more than adequate room for safekeeping personal and professional outdoor gear.

Key Features

Self-adjustable slider waistband

Non-stick Teflon coating

Front pockets with generous storage

YKK brass zipper


Ergonomically designed for on-duty and off-duty wear

Two large cargo pockets

Side gussets with two two inner magazine compartments

Doubly reinforced knee with integrated pockets for accommodating kneepads

Water-repellent fabric


You may have to struggle while squatting down or bending

Not very durable


Helicon –Tex OTP Outdoor Tactical Pants, Outback Line

The Tex OTP Outdoor Tactical Pants by Helicon have been manufactured from lightweight and stretchy fabrics, making them comfortable to wear. The fabric quality and the construction keep the trousers breathable, offers protection from chilly weather and drizzle.

The OTP profile helps in stocking and lugging essential supplies while the anatomical structure does not at all obstruct movement. The layout of pockets facilitates load distribution closer to the core mass, i.e., in the region of the waist and hips. Inner knee pouches enable using Neoprene kneepads.  

Key Features

Closely tethered knee stitching

Ten low-profile versatile pockets

Cuffs with channels for drawstrings

Stretchable waistband for additional comfort


Made from top-quality fabrics: 7% Elastane and 93% nylon

DuPont Teflon coating resists stains and blemishes

4-way elastic fabric for a comfortable fit and a slim look

Signature pocket arrangement for storage of and carrying vital gear and equipment


A button on the waist would have made the pants more versatile

The belt loops could have been a tad bigger for supporting larger belts

Cargo pockets are somewhat small


Free Soldier Outdoor Men Teflon Scratch-Resistant Pants

The Free Soldier Outdoor Men Teflon Scratch-Resistant Pants have been produced from a cotton/polyester fabric mix rendering them durable outdoor trousers. Reinforced with DuPont Teflon material, the chinos resists stains and blots and is also resistant to wrinkling, shrinking, and fading.

This pair of high-quality outdoor men Teflon scratch-resistant tactical trousers from Free Soldier can be worn for outdoor activities throughout the year. Made from a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, these bushcraft pants will keep you comfortable while you venture out for hunting, camping, or climbing. The trousers have a total of 11 multipurpose cargo pockets for safely carrying a wide range of tools and gear.

Key Features

Suitable for different outdoor activities

MOLLE system with hanging loops for easy hanging of tools

3D tailoring with reinforced knees

DuPont Teflon fabrics


Tactical trousers for climbing and hiking in all the four seasons

Scratch, shrink, wrinkle, and fade resistant

Robust and resilient trousers stitched from a blend of cotton and polyester

YKK Zipper fly closure


Pockets scrape against the skin making the wearer feel uncomfortable

Odd location of pockets


best pants for bushcraft

Things to consider before you buy best bushcraft pants

The best bushcraft pants tend to be more durable and resilient in comparison to the official or informal trousers you usually wear. They are ergonomically designed so that you feel comfortable in them while trekking in harsh terrains. Additionally, top-quality bushcraft pants are stitched using heavy-duty fabrics, enabling you to endure inclement weather during a hiking trip in the mountains or the vast wilderness.

To say the last but not the least, the best cold weather bushcraft pants let you move about and move around, pitch a tent, and cook in the wild comfortably.   The task of choosing a pair of quality bushcraft pants can overwhelm you if you don't know what you're looking for. Take the following features or aspects into consideration before you make up your mind once and for all:-


You should ensure to choose a bushcraft pants pair that is not only breathable, comfortable, and lightweight but also durable. Simply put, they should be sturdy and resilient enough to withstand the elements as well as wear and tear. The best bushcraft pants should be sufficiently hardy to tolerate the rough and tumble of the wilderness.

Hence it would help if you chose a pair of bushcraft slacks that have been stitched out of the best quality of fabrics. Polyester is by far the most popular fabric when it comes to sewing bushcraft pants, thanks to its incredible toughness. Look for materials such as DuPont Teflon, denier, and ripstop mesh material in polyester when picking and choosing the perfect option.

Alternatively, you can also opt for bushcraft pants sewn out of polyester/cotton blends, pure cotton, and rayon or nylon fabrics.        


It does not bear emphasis that pair of good quality bushcraft khakis should keep you feeling comfortable throughout the day. Premium quality bushcraft pants go a long way in enabling you to fine-tune your survival skills in the wilderness. Spandex, polyester, or rayon bushcraft pants come in perfectly handy when you're planning a hike along the Algonquian Trail or a trip to the Yellowstone National Park.

Bushcraft trousers stitched from inferior quality fabrics may not allow your lower limbs to breathe, thereby making you feel uncomfortable. Uncomfortable bushcraft slacks could be ill-fitting either sitting too tightly or overly loose and could make your legs itch exasperatingly. Make sure you settle for trousers that have been sewn out of lightweight and breathable fabric material that keep your legs comfy.    

All-weather protection

The versatility of a superlative pair of bushcraft pants for bushcraft is best measured by its ability to protect from the elements. Unlike a town or city, a forest or mountain does not have any concrete structure to shield you from rough weather. Yes, trees, plants, and foliage may offer a level of protection, but that is only temporary and may not suffice.

You'll need to put on quality clothing that'll furnish all-around security from unforgiving weather, insects, wild animals, and hostile terrains. The bushcraft pants should be sewn up from significantly toughened fabrics that'll enable them to resist water, stains, dust, fire, or snow.

Storage convenience

As bushcraft pants are designed especially for wearing outdoors, mainly for mountaineering, hiking, and camping, it matters that these trousers should not make your rucksack hefty. No matter whatever bushcraft pants brand you finally choose, ensure that they should be both easy to use and store.

Talking about the bushcraft trousers' versatility, it should have deep pockets on the front and back and also on sides. Moreover, they should not take up more than adequate room inside your backpack.     

Ankle/leg belts

You can easily do without ankle/leg belts or zippers in the trousers that you wear on a day-to-day basis. But bidirectional or simple ankle zippers in bushcraft pants may come in handy when you embark on a hiking expedition. Zippers in bushcraft pants can go a long way in aiding with ventilation.


Lightness is another essential feature or quality that you should look for in a pair of quality bushcraft pants. The fun of the chinos implies that it should allow you to move about, sit, kneel, and stand up quickly. Additionally, the trousers should let you walk or run effortlessly instead of weighing you down.


Q1. Are bushcraft pants suitable for hiking or mountaineering in cold climes?

Yes, the majority of the bushcraft pants brands are designed for wearing during the winter season. However, the rule of thumb always chooses a couple of sizes larger to ensure unrestricted mobility.

Q2. Can you feel comfortable in bushcraft trousers in summer?

Bushcraft slacks made from cotton are perfect for the warm weather as they tend to be lightweight and breathable. Those crafted from a blend of nylon/polyester and cotton have wicking quality, soaking up the moisture, thus keeping you thoroughly dry.

Q3. What is the best way of washing bushcraft pants?

Soak a teaspoon or two of high-quality detergent in warm water and let the blend wait for five minutes. Next, put the trousers inside the bucket filled with detergent water and rinse them for 5-10 minutes. Wash off the soapy water thoroughly and wring the pants mildly before letting them dry in a high heat environment.


In this exhaustive review of 7 best bushcraft pants, we compared and contrasted seven different bushcraft trousers brands. Some of the notable brands include Fjallraven, Columbia, Tru-Spec, and Outdoor Research. While Fjallraven, Outdoor Research, and Tru-Spec trousers come at a price, Zoomhill, Columbia, and Helicon are very pocket-friendly yet exceptionally durable.  

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